Rhomberg PBT Pressure Gauge

Rhomberg PBT Turret Pressure GaugeTurret Case Gauge  

The Rhomberg PBT turret case gauge is a solid front gauge with a full aperture blow-out back that is liquid fillable [on lower entry option only].






PBT Features
PBT Configuration
PBT Dimensions

Dial Dished aluminium, black lettering on white background.
Dial Size 4½"
Case Polypropylene compound resistant to the most aggressive chemicals, also ultra violet ray resistant.
System Materials Stainless steel or monel
Ranges -100kPa to 250Mpa stainless steel
Accuracy 1% FSD [optional 0.5% FSD]
Liquid filling for bottom entry only.
Alternately: Rhomberg vibration free movement [VFM] media exposed surfaces to MR-01-75
Window Acrylic as standard [safety glass optional]
Seal Nitrile [natural rubber for silicon fills]
Dampening Fluid Glycerine, silicon or halocarbon [for oxidising services]
Socket and Bourdon Tube
Code:                      SS                    MM
Socket:                    316 L/Ti            Monel 400
Boudon tube:            316 Ti              K-Monel
Code:  SS / MM
           300 series stainless steel high impact movement
Pointer Black aluminium, micrometer adjustable
1/4", 3/8" + 1/2", [NPT - BSP] 
Bottom entry [fillable]and back entry [non-fillable]
Maximum Range
Vacuum through 250 MPa
Higher ranges available on request
Snubbing Snubbing/throttle screws available in stainless steel
Temperature Range
Ambient temperature -25° to + 60°
Note: minimum temperature should not be less or equal to the freezing point of the process fluid. Higher temperatures can be accommodated iwth heat reducing devices.

Rhomberg PBT Pressure Gauge configurations


Rhomberg PBT Pressure Gauge  dimensions


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