Rhomberg PBG Utilities Gauge

Rhomberg PBG Utilities Pressure GaugeRobust Liquid filled - Equipment & Industrial Gauges   

The Rhomberg PBG gauge is for heavy duty service where vibration or pulsation of medium would cause excessive wear on a dry gauge or where corrosive ambient conditions prevail. Specific application examples are:

 - Hydraulic equipment
 - Mining equipment
 - Irrigation equipment

PBG Features
PBG Configureation
PBG Dimensions

Window Extruded acrylic sheet
Seal Neoprene
Case & Bezel 304 stainless steel
Dampening Fluid Glycerine, silicon [options available]
[52mm available only D configuration]
Nominal Sizes
mm      52     63      100     
Imp      2"     2½"     4"       
Socket Brass or stainlees steel
Bourdon tube Bronze or stainless steel
Movement brass or stainless stell
Dial Aluminium, white with black numerals
Pointer aluminium, black anodised
1/8" + 1/4" [BSP - NPT - BSPT] Options 3/8" + 1/2" 
[bottom and centre-back]
Maximum Range 60Mpa [brass]  100 Mpa [Stainless steel]
Accuracy 1.6%FSD
Temperature Range
Ambient temperature:  -25°C to 60°C
Note: minimum temperature should not be less or equal to the freezing point of the process fluid. Higher temperatures can be accommodated with heat reducing devices. 

Rhomberg PBG Pressure Gauge configurations

Rhomberg PBG Pressure Gauge dimensions



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