Additel Low Pressure Test Pumps

Additel's Low Pressure Tesp Pumps are hand operated pressure pumps with a high quality screw press that is designed for fine pressure adjustment, with an adjustment resolution up to 0.01 Pa (0.0001 mbar).

The Additel ADT901 and ADT912 are very stable low pressure calibrators that make use of an isothermal bellows chamber which is designed for reducing the possible effects of environmental temperature change. Most other pumps make use fo a check valve (non-returning valve) and are not well insulating in wild fluctuations in pressure with a change in ambient temperature or when the unit is touched. The ADT901 and ADT912 do not use a check valve and are remarkable stable. Two hand-tight connectors installed on the pumps allow for easy connecting and disconnecting to the test pump without the need for PTFE tape or wrenches. 

The Additel ADT901 and ADT912 pumps are ideal comparison test pumps for low pressure application featuring:

  • Great stability and high resolution
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Hand-tight quick connectors
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • 1 year warranty




Air -6psi to 6psi

Designed for low pressure application requiring accurate low pressure testing and calibration. Read More



Air: -14psi to 60psi

The ADT912 Low Pressure Test Pump is designed to generate pressure from 95% vacuum to 60psi (4 bar) for the application requiring accurate pressure testing and calibration. Read More

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