Methane Analyser

Methane Analyser Gas Detection SensorAmpcontrol's Methane Analyser has been custom designed to monitor the concentration of methane being fed to engine modules installed in power stations supplied by Landfill Waste Gas, Coal Seam Methane or Biogas. The analyser is highly accurate, stable and is not cross-sensitive to other Hydrocarbons. The analyser can also be applied to safety shut down functions.

The Australian certifed Exd Methane Analyser can be positioned in the hazardous area close to the fuel rail to shorten the sample line. This minimises the response time of the measurement.

The Methane Analyser can be tailored to site specific conditions and environment when used with the Methane Analyser System.



  • Not cross sensitive to other Hydrocarbon gases
  • Australian certified for Zone 1 Harzardous Areas
  • Fast response
  • Thermal trip device activated by heat to premanently cut off the gas supply
  • Reverse gas flow prevention
  • Process in-line fittings
  • High level of accuracy
  • LCD backlit display
  • Non-intrusive calibration [cover removel not required]
  • 4-20mA output
  • Optional volt free relay outputs
  • Programmable set points for 'Warn' and 'Alarm' levels
  • User selectable directions for 'Warn' and 'Alarm' - rising or falling
  • Corrosion resistant materials in gas path
  • Long service life 
  • Ease of maintenance


  • Methane gas concentration monitoring in Coal Seam gas fule feed to gas engines
  • Methane gas concentration monitoring in Landfill gas fuel feed to gas engines
  • Methane gas concentration monitoring in Biogas gas fuel feed to gas engines
  • Measurement for boiler control in combustion plants
  • Emission measurements in incineration plants
  • Warning equipment
  • Trace measurements in pure gas processes
  • Environmental protection
  • Quality monitoring