iQguard Toxic

iQguard Toxic Gas Detection Sensor from AmpControlThe iQguard series of gas detectors provide high performance solution for a wide variety of industrial gas detection applications. By applying our wealth of experience and innovation in gas detector design, we have created a new generation of products serving environmental monitoring applications.

The iQguard series provide accurate, stable and repeatable gas detection measurements across a wide range of gas types.

iQguard Series options:

    Display and non-display models   
    Stainless steel or moulded PVC enclosure   
    Built in Modbus communications and ethernet options   
    SIL 2 compatible models available

Australian designed and manufactured  


Gas Types

  • Display or non-display models
  • Wide range of gas types
  • Stainless or moulded PVC enclosures
  • Swappable detector heads
  • Flexible configuration
  • Built-in relays
  • Modbus communications
  • Optional ethernet communications
  • Built in EMC RFI protection
  • SIL2 compatible
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Easy access connectors for installation of field wiring
  • Protected to IP66
  • Wide input power supply range
  • Easy to use
  • Simple sensor removal and replacement
  • On-board analysis function monitors sensor performance in display model


Measurement Technique
[all models] 
Measurement Technology
[all models]
Long life electrochemical cells with condition monitoring
Measurement Ranges
[all models]
Gas Types
Configurable - please consult Techinspect for details
Standard as per table plus others on application
Standard as per table plus others on application
Measurement Characteristics
[all models]
Measurement accuracy
Drift [time]
Drift [temp]
+ 1.4% full scale at 25ÂșC
+ 5% full scale/year
Process Outputs
Non display current loop 4-20mA
Display current loop 4-20mA
Display version only
Digital RS485

4-20mA max loop load 680 Ohms max at 24V

4-20mA max loop load 960 Ohms max at 24V

Relay Outputs
Dual single pole change over relays
Rated carry current
Rated switching voltage

Display versions only

Non display model

2-wire for basic unit without graphical display 


Gas Type  Range [ppm*]  Operating Temperaure [deg C]
Ammonia  50  -20 to +40 
Ammonia   100   -20 to +40 
Carbon Monoxide  50   -20 to +50 
Carbon Monoxide  150   -20 to +50 
Carbon Monoxide  300   -20 to +50 
Chlorine  5   -20 to +50 
Hydrogen Sulphide  20   -20 to +50 
Nitric Oxide  100   -20 to +50 
Nitrogen Dioxide  20   -20 to +50 
Oxygen  25% v/v*   -20 to +50 
Sulphur Dioxide  20   -20 to +50