2400 Series Controller

2400 Series Gas Detection Controller AmpControlThe 2400 System Controller receives and processes signals from a wide range of gas detectors and flame detectors (including analogue and digital process variables) and produces corresponding outputs to drive audible and visual indicators, mimic panels and programmable logic controllers. 

The system’s design allows it to operate as a stand alone control system or it may slave to an existing process control system. Basic stand alone operation does not require software. 

As a slave system, the Series 2400 can operate with any existing distributed control system (DCS), programmable logic controller (PLC) or supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) by way of a RS485 bus using Modbus® protocol. 


The 2400 System can be utilised in any combination of the following offshore, marine, petrochemical and industrial applications:

  • Monitor toxic and flammable gas levels and generate audible/visual warnings, alarms and control outputs (such as emergency shutdown and/or ventilation control)
  • Monitor flame, fire, thermal and smoke detectors, break-glass, and generate audible/visual warnings, alarms and control fire suppression outputs
  • Monitor oxygen deficiency levels and generate audible/visual warnings, alarms and control outputs
  • Monitor plant process functions (such as temperature, flow, level and pressure) and generate audible/visual warnings, alarms and control outputs such as process shutdowns

Features/Benefits include:

  • Up to 96 Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) relays - four per each of 24 channels - for Warning, Alarm, Fault and process-control outputs
  • Up to 24 x 4-20mA isolated analogue outputs per 19-inch 24 channel card rack
  • Dual redundant RS485 digital interface (Modbus® Protocol) for inputs/outputs/interface with   customer’s Distributed Control System (DCS), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System
  • Uses an external supervising processor that includes Watchdog Timer and a Brown-Out detector
  • An external CPU Activity monitor sets the Fault relay if no CPU activity is detected
  • All peripheral cards are continually monitored for successful communications - if a fault is detected then the fault relay is set 



 Card Rack *  3.3cm [high] x 48.3cm [wide] x 24.0cm [deep]
 4-20mA option * 10.0cm [high] x 35.5cm [wide] x 4.0cm [thick]
 Relay Module Drvr * 10.0cm [high] x 8.0cm [wide] x 2.0cm [thick]
 Relay Module * 7.0cm [high] x 14.2cm [wide] x 2.7cm [thick]
 Operating Temp Range 0°C to 40°C

*all sizing with clearances 


 Power Requirements 
 [full system with options]
24 ±6Vdc, 6.0A (standard)
240/110Vac, 50/60 Hz (Option)
Input Channels (Maximum): 24
 Types of Input (One per Channel)
 Three-wire Bridage Sensors
 (3 Watts Maximum)
4-20mA, 24Vdc Loop-powered Sensors
4-20mA, 3-wire Sensors(2-12Vdc adjustable)
4-20mA, 3-wire Sensors (24 ±6Vdc fixed)
 Outputs (Standard Configuration)
Three Relays: Common fault, Common Alarm Low, Common Alarm High
SPDT, 3A, 250Vac/30Vdc
 Outputs (4-20mA Output Option) Up to 24 each 4-20mA source outputs into 600 Ohms [maximum]
 Outputs (Relay Output Option)
Up to 96 relays (four per channel) SPDT, 10A, 250Vac/30Vdc
[Maximum for four Relay Module Drivers and three Relay Modules per  driver]
 Flame Detection Units
Two-wire Fire



Liquid Crystal Display (Control Module)
Backlit alphanumeric display indicates channel, status, unit of  measure, substance/area measured, previous minimum/maximum  values and channel output current.
LEDs (2400CCM Control Module)
Indicate status of POWER and FAULT LEDs 2400GDM [Dual  Channel  Gas Module]
Indicate status of ALARM HIGH, ALARM LOW, FAULT and ISOLATE  for each channel and
POWER status for module.
LEDs (2400CCM Control Module)
Indicate status of ISOLATE, FAULT and ALARM for each channel  and POWER status for module. 
LEDs (2400CCM Control Module)
Indicate status of A2 [ALARM HIGH], A1 [ALARM LOW], FAULT and  ISOLATE for each channel and
POWER status for module.