12 Channel Controller

AmpControl 12 Channel ControllerAmpcontrol's 12 Channel System Controller is a compact unit designed to accept any sensor or transmitter that gives a 4-20mA output with relay outputs on board for alarm events and programmed response.

The 12 Channel Controller accepts inputs from any two or three wire sensor/transmitter combination that gives a 4-20mA output. Typical sensor/transmitter combinations include Ampcontrol detectors for combustible gas, oxygen, toxic gas, flame as well as temperature and humidty transmitters. 

The controller has twelve 4-20mA inputs, two 4-20mA outputs and four relay outputs for common Warn, Alarm, High Alarm and Fault conditions. Three push buttons, four LEDs and a sounder provide status and control functions.  

A two-line alpha-numeric display provides continuous status readouts of each monitored channel, with a choice of two user-configurable formats. A specific display mode shows all input readings and status simultaneously. 

Electrical Specifications
Visual & Audible Specifications

  • Accommodates up to 12 gas detectors
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Accepst input from combustible and toxic gas sensors, flame sensor or any 4-20mA device
  • Two-line alpha-numeric display
  • User friendly
  • Retians data on loss of power
  • Fully programmable from front panel
  • Built-in self diagnosis
  • Fan control logic
  • Software 'Voting Logic' output
  • Optiona RS485 Modbus® digital interface
  • Optional data and event logging


 Power Requirements
 [including options] Note: values  are of current are approximate
 240Vac, 50/60Hz, 125mA,    or
 110Vac, 50/60Hz, 250mA,    or
 24Vdc, 1.5A
 100mA internal
 200mA Aux output devices
 1200mA sensors
 Input Channels  12 
 Types of Input
 [one per channell]
 Note: with special auxiliary  junction box
 4-20mA, 24Vdc loop-powered sensors
 4-20mA, 3-wire sensors [24  16Vdc fixed] 
 Two-wire Fire/Flame Detection Units
 [standard configuration]
 Common Fault Relay, Common Warn Relay 
 Common Alarm Relay and Common High Alarm Relay, SPDT, 7A,  240Vac/30Vdc
 [zone 4-20mA output board  option] Note: one output per zone
 Two Zone 0-20mA or 4-20mA source outputs into 600 Ohms [max]
 [auxiliary relay board option]  Note: one of each relay type per  zone
 Two Warn Relays and Two Alarm Relays, SPDT, 7A, 240Vac/30Vdc
 [Individaul channel relay option] *
 Individual Warn RElays SPDT
 Individual Alarm Relays SPDT
 Individaul High Alarm Relays and Individaul Fault Relays SPDT, 7A,  240Vac/30Vdc
 [individual 4-20mA Channel output  option] **
 From four to Twelve, 4-20mA source outputs into 600 Ohms [max]
* Note: Tow external Twenty Four Channel RElay Decoder Drivers can be added to provide individaul Warn, Alarm, High Alarm  and Fault Relays. Up to six, Eight Way Relay Modules can be connected.
** Note: up to Twelve 4-20mA outputs can be added in blocks of 4 to an external panel.

 Liquid Crystal Display Backlit alphanumeric display indicates:
  • Channel
  • Status
  • Unit of measure
  • Substance/area measured
  • Previous minimum/maximum values
  • Channel output current
 Light Emitting Diodes:

 Indicate status of:

  • Power
  • Warn
  • Alarm 
  • Fault
 Electronic Buzzer:

 Audible Alarm for:

  • Warn
  • Alarm
  • Fault