Micro 4000 Gas Detection Controller

Micro 4000 Carpark Gas Detection ControllerThe Micro 4000 from AmpControl will accept inputs from any sensor/transmitter combination that will give a 4-20mA output. This versatile unit will also accept inputs directly from AmpControl's range of oxygen and combustible sensors along with two wire contact input devices.

Accpeing inputs from any sensor/transmitter combination that give a 4-20mA output the Micro 4000 also accepts inputs directly from Ampcontrol's range of combustible gas sensors, oxygen sensors and two wire contact input devices.  

This controller is an essential componed for any carpark gas detection monitoring system. If you want to control when and for how long your carpark exhaust fans operate the Mirco 4000 will suit your application.  

Available in: standard / HVAC SafeTguard / Flameproof


  • Microprocessor controlled  
  • Accepts inputs from combustibe land toxic gas sensors, flame sensors or any 4-20mA device
  • Two-line alpha numeric display
  • User friendly
  • Retains data on loss of power
  • Fully programmable from front
  • Built-in self diagnosis
  • Fan control logic option
  • Software 'Voting Logic' output
  • RS485 Modbus® digital interface  

 Performance  Specification 
 Dimensions  230mm x 177mm x 90mm
 Weight  2.4kg [including options]
 Housing Material  Poly Vinyl Chloride
 Environmental proctecion  IP54
 Operating Temperature range  -20ºC to 50ºC
 Operating Humidity range  0 - 100% Relative Humidity [non condensing]
 Outputs - 
 4-20mA output board option
 > four 4-20mA source outputs into 600 Ohms [max] 
     [note: 1 output per channel]
 Outputs - 
 Auxiliary Relay board option
 > Four Warn Relays, SPDT, 7A 240Vac/30Vdc
 > Four Alarm Relays, SPDT, 7A, 240Vac/30Vdc 
 Power Requirements
 [including options]
 Note: values of current are  approximage.
 > 240Vac, 50/60Hz, 125mA,      or
 > 110Vac, 50/60Hz, 250mA,      or
 > 24 16Vdc, 0.9A
 > Input Channels: Four
 > Types of Input [One per Channel]
 > Note: with special auxiliary junction box
 > Three-wire Bridge SEnsors [3 Watts maximum]
 > 4-20mA, 24Vdc loop-powered sensors
 > 4-20mA, 3-wire sensors [2-12Vdc adjustable]
 > 4-20mA, 3 wire sensors [24 16Vdc fixed]
 > Two-wire Fire/Flame Detection Units 
 > Outputs [standard configuration]: Common Fault Relay, SPDT, 7A,       240Vac/30Vdc
 > Common Warn Relay, SPDT, 7A, 240Vac/30Vdc
 > Common Alarm Relay, SPDT, 7A, 240Vac/30Vdc