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2013-NEW-calibration  With a dedicated temperature and pressure testing lab, Techinspect has all your calibration requirements covered. As well as calibrating portable equipment including portable gas detectors, pressure gauges, instrumentation at our workshop we provide on-site solutions for permanently installed systems including [but not limited to] carpark gas detection, refrigerant leak monitors and temperature monitoring. Contact our service coordinator for more information.  
calibration & service  calibration service repair workshop onsite calibration 
2013-NEW-electrical We can install, upgrade and maintain existing circuits and systems to suit your needs. As licensed electrical contractors we can take care of your electrical installation and maintenance requirements. Also Hazardous Area qualified personnel.
electrical hazardous area certified electricians commercial electricians   
2013-NEW-gasdetection We can cater to all of your portable gas detection and fixed gas detection needs. Our team of professionals can repair, calibrate and maintain all leading brands of gas detection equipment. In our dedicated workshop or onsite by arrangement.
gas detection portable gas detection fixed gas detection car park systems    
2013-NEW-installation Our specialist team have the capability to install and maintain all of your permanent systems and components including Carparks / Fixed Gas Detection / Refrigerant Monitors / Electrical & Process Instrumentation.
2013-NEW-instrumentation Techinspect's expertise in temperature measurement and monitoring is unparalled. Our highly skilled team is trained in process control, automation and PLC programming. In-house or onsite calbirations available.
Instrumentation temperature monitoring PLC programming process control 
2013-NEW-pressure Many techniques have been applied and developed to measure pressure and vacuum. Techinspect has partnered with Additel and Rhomberg Instruments to bring you quality equipment to suit your needs.
pressure gauges  
2013-NEW-refrigeration Techinspect is the approved Australian distributor for SenTech Refrigerant monitors. We can provide specialist solutions in preventing gas leaks that will cut overall costs significantly. Multi-point and hard wired monitors available.
refrigeration monitoring 

Intech Instruments Ltd, Siemens, Additel, A.P.C.S, Ampcontrol, Austech, Sentech Corp, Rhomberg, BW Technologies, Honeywell Analytics, 

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