Stainless Steel Case & Bezel

Rhomberg PBB gauge


The PBB gauge range features a welded construction with back blow out disc. 

This Rhomberg gauge is ideally suited to most industrial applications where high accuracy and durability is a must.

Gauges are available with either brass / bronze internals, all stainless steel internals or Monel Bourdon tube and socket with stainless steel movement.
All guages are retro-fillable and totally repairable. A number of optional accessories are available either as factory fitted or retro-fitted. A Rhomberg vibration free movement [VFM] can be fitted where filling material is not allowed or excessive vibration is present.
The high impact movement [conforming to military specifications]protects against entanglement of the hairspring in the pinion and segment - the most common cause of gauge failure.

PBB Specifications
PBB Configurations
PBB Dimensions

 Window    Acrylic as standard [safety glass optional]  
 Seal    Nitrile [natural rubber for silcon fills
 Case & Bezel    Brush finish 304 stainless steel
 Dampening Fluid    Glycerine, silicon or halocarbon [for oxidising services]
 Blow out Disc    Material: TPV
 Configuration    A B D E F U V
 Direct, surface or panel mounting
 mm      63      100      150      250
 Imp      2½"     4"        6"        10"
 Socket & Bourdon Tube  
 Code:          Socket:               Bourdon Tube:
 SS               316/Ti                 316Ti
 BB               brass                  bronze
 MM               Monel 400          K-Monel
 SS / MM     300 seires stainless steel high impact movement
 BB             brass / nickel silver high impact movement
 Dial    Aluminium, black lettering on white background
Pointer    Black aluminium, micrometer adjustable
 Connections    1/4" + 3/8" + 1/2" [NPT - BSP] other connections available on request
 Maximum Range    Vacuum through 100 MPa. Higher ranges available on request
 Snubbing     Snubbing / throttle screws available in brass and stainless steel
 100mm & 150mm      1.0%FSD [SABS 1062]
  63mm                            1.6%FSD
 Temperature Range  
 Ambient temperature:  -25°C to 60°C
 Note: minimum temperature should not be less or equal to the freezing point of the process fluid. Higher temperatures can be accommodated with heat reducing devices. 
 Approvals    SABS 1062 [1985 for 100mm and 150mm]
 Nett Mass                         63mm      100mm            150mm         250mm
 Dry                155g           556g               850g           1789g
 Filled             230g          816g               1750g          2690g


Rhomberg PBB-configurations 


Rhomberg PBB-dimensions

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