The Additel Corporation is one of the worlds leading providers of process calibration equipment. They are dedicated to design, manufacturing and delivering the highest quality handheld test tools and portable calibrators for process and calibration. Additel has successfully developed automated pressure calibrators, didgital pressure test gauges, digital pressure calibrators, pressure test & calibration pumps as well as multifunction process calibrators.

Pressure Calibrator

Digital Pressure Calibrators

Digital Pressure Gauges

Calibration Pumps

Additel Automated Pressure Calibrator

Additel Digital Pressure Calibrators

Additel Digital Pressure Gauges

Additel Pressure Calibration Pumps

ADT761 & ADT760 series
Automated Pressure Calibrators
ADT672 series Digital Pressure Calibrators
ADT680 & ADT681 series
Digital Pressure Gauges
Pressure Calibration Pumps

Digital Pressure Module


Pressure Controllers


Additel Digital Pressure Module

Additel pressure hoses / adapters / fittings


ADT160 Digital Pressure Module Pressure hoses / Adapters / Fittings Pressure Controllers  




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