79-2500 Flame Proof Gas Detection

 79-2500 Catalytic and Infrared Gas Detectors  

Ampcontrol’s 79-2500 range of Exd Group 2 certified flammable gas detectors is available in Infrared and Catalytic detection versions.

The detectors feature a local display and calibration functions with 4-20mA loop output. Inbuilt alarm with relay options for local alarm control.

User programmable via magnetic tool.

Backlit LCD provides full information display of gas, alarm and mA output.



  • Certified Flameproof
  • Remote display option
  • Non-intrusive calibratoin and checking

  • IECEx Exd IIB T6 40°C [Infrared]
  • ANZEx 11.4101U / IECEx SIR 09-0118U [Catalytic]

1.8 watts, 2.7 watts with relay option 
+/- 2.0% fsd on all ranges
+/- 1.0% fsd
Built in self test
Zero/Span/Test gas concentraton/alarm set-points/Gas type
No Gas Test feature [IR]
Invokes pre-programmed response test via front panel [factory re-set to specifications eg: 30% LEL] using Ampcontrol's patented lamp control technology which enables precise and repeatable readings over long periods without use of test gas.
Electrical Certification
Australian Certified Ex s d IIC
Operating temp range
IR/Catalytic -30°C to 70°C
Electrochemical -20°C to 40°C
Humidity range
0 - 99% RH
Shock resistance
Half sine 15g, 20ms duration on all axis
Vibration resistance
3 - 10Hz, displacement 0.5mm, 10 - 50 Hz, 2m/s2
Conduit entries
3/4 NPT conduit [2] horizontal plane standard
Weight inc. housing
2.0kg [without sensor, varies with options]
Overall dimensions
150mm width x 125mm height x 120mm depth
Gas Type
79-2500 IR - Flammable Hydrocharbons
79-2500 Catalytic - Flammable Hydrocarbons & Hydrogen

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