Car Park Gas Detection Monitoring Systems



Carpark monitoring systems are used to detect dangerous levels of gases found in underground carparks, shopping centre carparks, apartment building complexes and anywhere gas is expelled in a confined space.

Carpark gas detection systems work by sensing gas levels and then expelling the gases through exhaust fans connected to the sensors.

Installing a monitoring system is essential, not only for safety but for cutting costs. Most carparks have exhaust fans running day and night which can be very expensive and damaging to the environment. With a monitoring system in place, fans only run when they are required to - reducing energy bills and environmental impact significantly.

Ampcontrol [formally Austech Instruments] offer a range of carpark monitoring solutions, including: the Micro 4000 and iQguard,


Micro 4000 controller


iQguard sensor

   MICRO4000    IQGUARD        



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