A.P.C.S FS051 Field Calibrator


Field Calibrator High Accuracy Portable Signal Source by A.P.C.S

The APCS Field Calibrator combines a selft-contained process signal source together with a 2-wire transmitter simulator in one pocket sized instrument.

Built in 9V batteries, dry or rechargeable combined with compact size make this calibrator ideal for use in the field - an economical addition to the toolbox of every instrument technician.

Designed for maximum accuracy and ease of handling the FC051 features a 3.5 digit, 10mm high LCD display which provides direct read-out of mV or mA in sink or source mode. Output range is 0-22mV and 0-2200mV with display readability of 0-19.99mA and 0-2200mV. The display also provides LOW BATTERY indication and a mV sign when in mV output mode.


 Size   110 x 66 x 70 mm 
 Weight   Dry Cell 0.272kg / Nickel-Mh 0.290kg 
 Case Material   High-impact polystyrene 
 Accuracy   ±0.4% FS or  ± 1 digit
 Ambient temp effect  ±0.1% /°c
 Operating temp range  0 to 50°c
 Storage temp range  -20 to +50°c
 Display  3.5 digit LCD 10mm character hegith
 Electromagnetic compatibility

 complies with AS/NZS 4251.1 [EN 50081.1]  

 Current Output   
     Source range    0 - 22.00mA [0-50mA optional] 
     Sink range    3 - 23.00mA [3-50mA optional]  
 Output load  
 Source 0 - 800@ 
 Sink Vs-6 [@
Resolution   0.01mA 
 Max Loop supply Voltage   40V 
Millivolt Output   
  Range    0 - 2200mV 
 Resolution    1mV 
 Minimum Load    10k@ 
 Source Impedance    100k@ 
Battery Life at full continuous output   
 Heavy Duty 9V    4hrs 
Alkaline 9V    8hrs 
 Ni-Mh    6hrs 
External power source   26Vdc / 30mA via 3.5mm phone plug tip [+] 


    APCS FC051-Calibrator   1. Red positive terminal [+] 
  2. Black switch [-sc]
  3. Selector switch for mA or mV output 
  4. Adjust span zero
  5. Switch to change from Span to Zero
  6. Blue negative switch [-sk]
  7. On switch
  8. LCD display
  9. 3.5mm plug socket
  10. Precision 10 turn potentiometer

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